Scholarships are awarded by Promises Kept in memory of our precious Cole and his love of games. The recipients are chosen not only for their ability on the golf course, but also for their example of sound Christian principles and strong academic work ethic. 

  Daniel Vincent       Cade Puryear      Drew Mayes
2013 Scholarship Recipients
Cody Housley           Cade Puryear          Jake Cook
2014 Scholarship Recipients
     Paul Houk           Cade Puryear       Andrew Duggan
Newport Plain Talk photo by Duay O'Neil
Cecelia Puryear    Tate Messer      Bobby Maddron 
Cade Puryear was pleased to present the 2017 Promises Kept college scholarships to Tanner Harris, Matt Mays, and Mattie Cardin.  
The members of Promises Kept are committed to watching over and assisting these young adults as they step out into the world as shining examples of God's mighty hand at work in their lives. 
2015 Scholarship Recipients
Kaitlyn Sneed      Dylan Lillard      Cade Puryear     Andrew Rogers
2016 Scholarship Recipients
Tanner Harris       Matt Mays     Cade Puryear      Mattie Cardin