Drop a Pebble in the Water 
          by: James W. Foley

Drop a pebble in the water:                                 
just a splash, and it is gone; 
But there's half-a-hundred ripples                               
Circling on and on and on, 
Spreading, spreading from the center,
flowing on out to the sea. 
And there is no way of telling
where the end is going to be. 

Drop a pebble in the water:
in a minute you forget, 
But there's little waves a-flowing,
and there's ripples circling yet, 
And those little waves a-flowing
to a great big wave have grown; 
You've disturbed a mighty river
just by dropping in a stone. 

Drop a word of cheer and kindness:
just a flash and it is gone; 
But there's half-a-hundred ripples
circling on and on and on, 
Bearing hope and joy and comfort
on each splashing, dashing wave 
Till you wouldn't believe the volume
of the one kind word you gave. 

Cole’s life and personality mirrored this pebble in the water.  Stories of Cole are being told everywhere, and his short life has been a witness to Our Lord and Savior.  During his life, he encouraged many to study scriptures and seek answers to questions that only God can reveal; and in his death, the memory of his love for life has given us a desire to seek God’s purpose in our own lives.

A miracle from day one, Cole defied all odds by surviving a normally fatal birth defect which no one knew existed in this boy.  Cole’s bright eyes, mischievous grin, and remarkable talents set him apart from others.  His exuberance for life was contagious to all who knew him.  Even in death, he was able to give life saving organs to others.

He was a gifted student, a compliant and loving son, and a wonderful friend.  He and his older brother Cade were the very best of friends.  His desire was to be playing a game, any kind of game, usually winning and wearing out the adults.  Cole was an incredible athlete far beyond his years.  How awesome that a young boy from a small town in Tennessee could be one of the top 50 seven year old golfers in the world and be invited to play in Scotland.  

Cole’s story has been an inspiration for many.  So much so that Noah’s Ark Children’s Home of Jamaica has been built.  This Children’s Home was built in memory of Cole.  It will provide essential needs to the children while the message of Our Lord is being taught to them.  Cole’s life is the pebble in the water. 

“A little child shall lead the way…”  Isaiah 11:6
Promises Kept

Written by Cole's aunt, Michele Puryear Herndon